"Respect is free ... but it must be earned"

We were given a mandate to help combat the effects of incivility and disrespect in our nation.  We live in a world where respect is fast becoming a rare commodity.  In fact, disrespect has become acceptable behavior in our homes, schools, workplace, governments, places of worship, our relationships, and even for ourselves.  I have had the pleasure of working with thousands of people who are looking for help with life's challenges. We have trained and mentored many in how to interact with others, whether in the workplace, schools, public officials, or wherever there is consistent interactions with people. 

The R.E.S.P.E.C.C.T. Initiative (TRI) is an innovative approach to creating a positive impact in managing diversity, problem solving, conflict resolution, inclusion management, as well as training in social communications and civility dialog.  TRI provides strategies that will counter the culture of intolerance and disrespect that is so prevalent in our society today. .

Dr. Powell attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she majored in psychology and ethnic studies. She holds a doctorate in theology.   Her education has enabled her to become an experienced instructor in subjects such as: Communications and Civility Training, Christian Counseling, Homiletics, and Hermeneutics. She is a certified trainer with BOSS the Movement, (a success training for youth);  an advisory board member of the Kingdom Congressional International Alliance (KCIA); and a Goodwill Ambassador for Golden Rule International.

‘Respect is the foundational thread that has been interwoven throughout the fabric of creation. It is the underlying principle for shared power, peace and co-existence.  Respect even supports the intrinsic nature of the cycle of life. The lack of mutual respect will always result in chaos, corruption and conflict.’                  Dr. G. Powell